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Mana Tree - $7

Mana Tree is an easily crushable IPA with a mildly bitter start and a Citra hop finish.


- 7.2% ABV, 44 IBUs

Golden Talon - $7

This Belgian strong ale is sweet at the start with a smooth, citrusy finish. Deceptively strong!


10% ABV, 34 IBUs

Imperial Oatmeal Stout - $8

Bourbon-aged vanilla beans, pounds of chocolate, and lots of extra oats give this Imperial Oatmeal Stout a rare, delicious creaminess.


10% ABV, 59 IBUs

Hop Lite - $6

This is a very easy drinking light ale for those who just want to sip and relax! Has mild Citra hops layered throughout.


4.7% ABV, 30 IBUs

Ambrosia DIPA - $7

This Double IPA has mild bitterness with a hint of spice.  Tangerine and citrus finish on this one. Herkules and Medusa are the main hops giving this beer its name “Ambrosia”


8.4% ABV, 29 IBUs

Irish Red Ale - $7

This red ale is toasty and sweet with a pleasant finish. This Irish Red is stronger and more hopped than the average Irish.


6.95% ABV, 27 IBUs

Hopped Up Hazy - $7

A well-balanced hazy IPA carries notes of melon and floral with a dash of pepper. Sorachi Ace hops are featured in this special hazy.


7.74% ABV, 58 IBUs

Pacific Typhoon DIPA - $7

This smooth DIPA is heavily hopped towards the end of the brewing process to bring out its special flavor and aroma. The Pacific Typhoon has complex flavor and is created primarily with hops grown in New Zealand.


8.15% ABV, 73 IBUs

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